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File Banana Zebra File Banana Zebra
Professional file, bended, 180/180, grey-white colour, washable.
Including VAT: 2,00 €
File Banana Black Coarse File Banana Black Coarse
Professional file, bended, 100/100, black colour, washable, desinfectable.
Including VAT: 2,00 €
File Mini Blue File Mini Blue
Practical mini file for filing artificial and natural nails at home, 180/100, blue colour, washable.
Including VAT: 1,00 €
File Mini Pink File Mini Pink
Practical mini file for filing natural nails at home, 180/100, pink colour, washable.
Including VAT: 1,00 €
Brightning file Super Gloss Brightning file Super Gloss
Professional, brightning 3-face file, thick with white foaming filling, leads heat away, washable, desinfectable.
Including VAT: 8,00 €
Client brightning file Client brightning file
4-side file for professional use and use at home, suitable for shortening and brightening natural nails, washable, desinfectable.
Including VAT: 7,00 €
Sandpaper file Sandpaper file
Sandpaper file, brown colour, conventional
Including VAT: 1,00 €
File 3-face File 3-face
File for polishing, big.
Including VAT: 3,00 €
Rounded file, neon coloured Rounded file, neon coloured Including VAT: 1,00 €
Nail Buffer Is It Wet Nail Buffer Is It Wet Including VAT: 7,00 €

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