Re-training courses

Out motto is: "…in a completely different way!"

Problems do not exist, everything can be solved and we will tell you how.

We offer re-training courses in the following fields:


All courses organized by SQ Academy are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and are taught and led by qualified professionals with long-standing practice in the field. For good position in the competitive market in services, accreditation of our courses by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic is the key factor for success. We will teach you how to provide services of top quality so that your clients are always satisfied.


Jarmila Fendrychová
  • International judge in Nail Design
  • owner of SQ Academy
Ing. Linda Scharingerová
  • Champion of the Czech Republic in Nail Design 1999
Gréta Halásová
  • lecturer in the field of cosmetic services – 10 years of practice in the field
Petra Koukalová
  • trainer for nail design, several-year champion of the Czech Republic in nail design

Teaching in re-training courses

The main objective of the re-training courses is adopting theoretical knowledge and obtaining practical skills in the specific field.

Course completion

All re-training courses are completed with a final examination that consists of the theoretical part as well as the practical part. All successful candidates obtain a certificate of completion of the course and a diploma.

The re-training courses are organized as individual or in groups.