System & Quality in Nail Care

Our motto is: Systematic and quality nail care.

Even though hands are one of the most stressed parts of the human body, we tend to forget about them. The first looks belong to hands and nails are their natural decoration. Unfortunately, this is only a side field of cosmetics. And this is true despite of the fact that if a person wants to look neat and smart, he/she must pay attention to his/her nails as well. Anyway, it is the motto no. 1 for SQ Academy and therefore we specialize in the nail cosmetics.

Neat nails, this is not only choice of suitable enamel colour. It is important to care for nails while this can be achieved by a time-consuming process requiring a lot of patience.

What are some of the solutions?

If your nails are not naturally beautiful and flawless, it is about time to start doing something about it. The most frequent problem for most people is that the nails are brittle and frayed but this is not the only problem you can suffer from.

Professional treatment

The easiest way how to solve your problems with nails is to visit a professional nail studio of the SQ Academy. Our trained employees will treat your nails in a professional way and advise you how to care for your nails at home and will recommend suitable products.

There are many options. You can manicure your own natural nails using special nutrition products and enjoy every positive result you achieve. If you do not want to wait or you do not have enough time and skills to care for your own natural nails, you can ask for application of artificial nails. Well modeled nails look really natural and they do not require home care.

If you do not or cannot visit a nail studio for any reason, you can make use of advice at our website or in some magazines of various kinds in our market. First I have to point out that you may achieve no results or different results than you expected. This is because you are not professionals and you may not be able to identify each problem correctly and then choose the proper solution.