Manicure is not only nail care…

Hands will look neat only when nails as well as skin are treated. Even though we use them a lot, we forget about them easily. Let us provide them with a little nice care. There are many options and all you have to do is to choose.

Complete manicure

After the basic treatment - basic manicure - the hand care itself can start. Before nail enameling, the manicurist can apply soft peeling to your hands that removes dead hand skin cells and eventual hard skin. Afterwards she cleans your hands and applies a layer of nutritive mask that will add necessary nutrition and smoothness to your skin. Finally, hands are put to paraffin or special heat gloves. Heat helps better absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Your hands will be neat and smooth. Complete manicure is recommended at least once a month.

Paraffin pack

Hot paraffin procedures have been carried out by physicians and therapists for years in order to alleviate pain connected with arthritis, tendonitis, myositis and swellings.

Paraffin is a product with extraordinary capability to retain heat. The paraffin layer improves blood circulation and opens up pores. The result is so called mini-sauna, during which the skin can absorb creams maintaining moisture, smoothness and nutrition in a more effective way. The skin which was dry and hard becomes smooth and healthy. Results are visible after the very first application.

Application of the paraffin pack is not limited and it is suitable to carry it out as necessary. The best results can be achieved in connection with peeling and hand pack.

Hand massage

The most pleasant experience for your hands. During the massage you can relax. Nice massage oils with herbal and plant extracts add necessary nutrition to the skin besides the nice experience.

Pricelist of the offered services

Parafine I.155,00 Kč
(desinfektion, hand lotion, paraffine)
Parafine II.225,00 Kč
(desinfektion, peeling, masque, paraffine)
Massage of hands80,00 Kč
Thermolift therapy535,00 Kč