Pricelist of manicure

Artificial nails (gel)

Complete modelage of nailsfrom 870,00 Kč
Filling of nailsfrom 520,00 Kč
Removing of the acrylic or gel350,00 Kč
all nails

Natural nails

Basic manicure215,00 Kč
Removing of nail cuticles, handbath, forming of nails, 1 coat of hardener
Basic manicure with colour polishing290,00 Kč
Basic manicure with colour polishing
Basic manicure for men290,00 Kč
Complete manicure450,00 Kč
Basic manicure, peeling and masque for hands, paraffin
Atlantis - anti spliss therapy135,00 Kč
P-Shine I.55,00 Kč
special shining of nails with Caro axtract; possible just with manicure
P-Shine II.405,00 Kč
special shining of nails with japanese manicure P-shine + basic manicure
Removing of cuticlesfrom 0,00 Kč
Clean up45,00 Kč
cleaning and whitening of nails with CLEAN UP emulsion

The hand care

Parafine I.155,00 Kč
(desinfektion, hand lotion, paraffine)
Parafine II.225,00 Kč
(desinfektion, peeling, masque, paraffine)
Massage of hands80,00 Kč
Thermolift therapy535,00 Kč

Nail polishing

Polishing - base coat30,00 Kč
Polishing - colour coat (2 coats)60,00 Kč
Polishing - top coat30,00 Kč
Polishing - top coat Thermo Bond40,00 Kč
Polishing - NCS Hardener40,00 Kč
French manicure - polishing110,00 Kč
Removing of nail polishfrom 25,00 Kč


Strass, metal bean, metal pearl20,00 Kč
Gold plated motive or ringfrom 115,00 Kč
Nail tatoofrom 40,00 Kč
Decorating with nail polishing25,00 Kč

Reconstruction (modelage, filling) of 1 nail is 1/10 of the price or work.

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