Pricelist of cosmetic services

Beauty treatment

Basic beauty treatment325,00 Kč
Complete beauty treatment520,00 Kč
With french cosmetics GERNÉTIC (removing of make-up, skin purification, face massage, peeling, mask and cream, forming and colouring of eyebrows)
Removing of make-up - eyes30,00 Kč
Removing of make-up - face46,00 Kč
Basic face mask70,00 Kč
Mineral face mask220,00 Kč
Vegetal face mask210,00 Kč
Face peeling70,00 Kč
Massage - face95,00 Kč
Massage - decolt95,00 Kč
Ampule220,00 Kč
(for regeneration of face skin)

Forming and colouring of eyebrows, eyelashes

Colouring eyelashesfrom 70,00 Kč
Colouring eyebrowsfrom 70,00 Kč
Froming of eyebrowsfrom 70,00 Kč

Depilation and waxing

Mouthfrom 70,00 Kč
Chinfrom 58,00 Kč
Facesfrom 58,00 Kč
Armpitsfrom 175,00 Kč
Calfsfrom 400,00 Kč
Thighsfrom 290,00 Kč
Forearmsfrom 175,00 Kč
Arms (from elbows)from 175,00 Kč

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