Decoration and nail styling

The final styling is the highlight of complex care for hands and nails. However, it only makes sense on healthy and well manicured nails. There are many options how to decorate nails:

Decoration by color enamel

This method is very popular and frequently applied. With various combinations of contrast colour enamels, various abstract patterns can be created on nails. The secret of the decoration lies in the method when various drops of enamels of different colours are applied into the base wet enamel that are then formed into various patterns using a toothpick. Patterns can also be decorated with glitters (golden, silver or other colour).


Imprints can be applied to enameled nails. There are 2 types of imprints. The first type is applied right to a dry nail, the second type is dip in water and after removal of the base foil, they are applied to a nail. Finally, imprints are covered with a top coat. At the present time, there are various nail imprints; all you have to do is to choose.

Application of small stones, grains, etc.

This is also a popular method of nail decoration. Various types of stones are applied to wet top coat – various colours of artificial stones, golden or silver pearls or grains. Stones or grains are applied in various patterns or they can supply other decoration techniques. At the present time, there is wide selection of stones of various types and colours in the market.

SQ academy offers:

Golden and gilded motifs

Also these decorations are available in various types and sizes. In this way, you can make a shape of heart, a cloverleaf for luck or a Playboy bunny on your enameled nail. The advantage of these decorations is their longer durability and possibility of multiple uses.

Special enamels

There are also enamels with decorative effects. Transparent enamels contain glitters of various shapes and colours.

Pricelist of the offered services

Strass, metal bean, metal pearl20,00 Kč
Gold plated motive or ringfrom 115,00 Kč
Nail tatoofrom 40,00 Kč
Decorating with nail polishing25,00 Kč

Reconstruction (modelage, filling) of 1 nail is 1/10 of the price or work.