How to care for natural nails?

Natural nail care is an important part of care for the whole body. Unfortunately not everybody is able to care for the nails, so it is suitable and purposeful to visit a nail studio where nails will be taken care of and advice will be provided on how to care for nails at home. Let us offer you individual types of treatments provided in a good nail studio and which you can find also in SG Academy and also methods and products for home care.

In care for natural nails it is very important which products for nail treatment you use. SQ offers widest selection of preparations for professional nail treatment as well as for home care.

Basic manicure

The procedure belongs to the basic offer in each nail studio and it is suitable for everybody, i.e. women as well as men. There is nothing more relaxing than perfect manicure. It will give you not only top-quality service, but also relaxation and the feeling you did your best for your nails.

The basic manicure should contain the following procedures:

The basic manicure lasts for about 30–45 minutes and it is suitable for both men and women. After the basic manicure you can continue with other procedures that are mostly concentrated on hand skin care.

Complete manicure

After the basic manicure you can continue with other care which is now aimed at hand care. It includes peeling and hand mask, including a paraffin pack. In this way it is suitable to connect the hand care with nail care, particularly in winter or in case of extremely dry or damaged hands.


P.Shine is a special way of nail polishing which nourishes at the same time. Special powder or paste containing bees wax, vitamin E and small abrasive particles are applied to cleaned nails after manicure, smoothing out every unevenness in nails and afterwards, nails are specially polished with a file. Nails polished in this way are protected against outside effects such as water, detergents, etc. This procedure is particularly used for frayed and brittle nails and it should be repeated once in 2 weeks.

Nail enameling and decoration

The final nail styling is important but it is only effective on healthy and manicured nails.

Nail enameling

Proper nail enameling begins with a layer of base coat, protecting nails against colour pigments contained in the enamel (Base Coat, Rillenfuller in pink, beige or white colour), followed by 2 layers of colour enamel at your wish and finally the last layer of transparent top coat is applied, protecting the enamel against damage and scratching (e.g. Wet Look, Top Coat, etc.).

Enamel colour

With regards to choice of the colour, it is important to match it to the colour of clothes and also the occasion needs to be considered, for which the styling is made.

French manicure

These days, French manicure is still very popular, in which white colour is applied on the nail tips and the nails are covered with top coat. This styling is required particularly for natural and neat look.

Nail decoration

Nail decoration is popular these days, in particular for special occasions. It is important that decorations match the clothes and the overall look of the person. With regards to techniques and methods of styling, the most popular is decorating with several colour enamels, insertion of artificial stones, grains and pearls. Imprints are still very popular, with wide selection in the market.  

Home care

In case you do not visit a professional studio for any reason, it is necessary that you care for your nails at least at home. But even if you use services of a nail studio, it is not enough to rely on the care in the studio, in particular if you go to a manicurist once a month.

Here is a list of several products that you must not miss on your cosmetic table if you want neat, healthy and well manicured natural nails.

1. Nail files

The most important part of your home manicure is a file for nail shortening and styling. SQ Academy offers several types of files:

Customer file

This file is practical because it is suitable for nail shortening as well as polishing. It is specific for 4 fields of different colours while each of them has another function. You can shorten your nails, clean and smooth out their surface, then you can massage your nail and thus support its growth and finally you can polish the nail.

4-Way file

Special four-sided file for natural nails in the black colour.

Combo Pink, Blue file

A file in the pink and blue colour used for natural nails.

2. Stick for pushing back cuticle

Between visits to a studio it is important to push back the nail cuticle, particularly if you have problems with its growth. For pushing back the cuticle it is suitable to use a plastic stick with a rubber at the end or a wooden birch stick.

It is available in the blue, red, white and green colours.

3. Cuticle remover

Lotion for cuticle removal, particularly in case of its excessive growth if this is not sufficient during visits to a studio. The lotion is applied around the nail, it is left to take effect for 5–7 minutes and then the cuticle is delicately removed using the stick for pushing back the cuticle (see above).

4. Nail nutrition

Nutrition is necessary for home care. The manicurist applies nutrition to your nail but the nutrition stays in the nail only for a couple of days, therefore the nutrition needs to be supplemented again. In general we can say that the nutrition can be divided into the one which is contained in the enamel and is applied on nails and the other group which is applied directly to the nail bed. The most suitable is their mutual combination. We recommend: Extra nail hardener SQ, Base coat with nylon, Base coat with hydrating effects.

5. Cuticle nutrition

The nutrition is important for cuticles to be soft, healthy and not to crack and form painful traumas. We recommend: Oil with peach or freesia smell.

Oil nail stick

Oil in practical packing, suitable for each handbag. It is applied around nails daily or several times a day as necessary.

6. Enamel removers

It is important to have acetone-free nail enamel remover that does not harm nails, but on the contrary it should remove the nail enamel gently and add necessary nutrition to nails.

Enamel remover

Delicate acetone-free enamel remover.

Correction stick

Enamel remover stick, suitable for removal of coloured enamel from cuticle while enameling.

7. Enamels for perfect styling

Base Coat

This enamel protects nails against colour pigments contained in colour enamels and thus prevents yellowing and staining of nails. As the base coat, the enamel is also suitable as line smoother which is available in soft white and pink colours.

Top Coat

The top coat protects the colour layer against its damage and scratching. At the same time it prolongs its durability. As the top coat, particularly the fast-drying Top Coat is suitable.

Top Coat - Prowhite

Effect enamel (disco effect)

High Gloss

Top coat with high shine

Extra nail hardener SQ

contains effective substances that support growth of nails, and prevents their fraying and breaking. It is also recommended as the base coat under colour enamel.

Pricelist of the offered services

Basic manicure215,00 Kč
Removing of nail cuticles, handbath, forming of nails, 1 coat of hardener
Basic manicure with colour polishing290,00 Kč
Basic manicure with colour polishing
Basic manicure for men290,00 Kč
Complete manicure450,00 Kč
Basic manicure, peeling and masque for hands, paraffin
Atlantis - anti spliss therapy135,00 Kč
P-Shine I.55,00 Kč
special shining of nails with Caro axtract; possible just with manicure
P-Shine II.405,00 Kč
special shining of nails with japanese manicure P-shine + basic manicure
Removing of cuticlesfrom 0,00 Kč
Clean up45,00 Kč
cleaning and whitening of nails with CLEAN UP emulsion

Nail polishing

Polishing - base coat30,00 Kč
Polishing - colour coat (2 coats)60,00 Kč
Polishing - top coat30,00 Kč
Polishing - top coat Thermo Bond40,00 Kč
Polishing - NCS Hardener40,00 Kč
French manicure - polishing110,00 Kč
Removing of nail polishfrom 25,00 Kč


Strass, metal bean, metal pearl20,00 Kč
Gold plated motive or ringfrom 115,00 Kč
Nail tatoofrom 40,00 Kč
Decorating with nail polishing25,00 Kč

Reconstruction (modelage, filling) of 1 nail is 1/10 of the price or work.