Do you want to have beautiful nails permanently?

The desire for neat, manicured and long nails dates back to the ancient times. Thousand years ago, Pharaohs in the ancient Egypt extended nails with metal nails that they put on fingers together with rings. Also in China this was a usual custom as a part of the cult during the reign of big dynasties.

With the motto of “beauty renaissance”, artificial nails appeared again in the middle of the ‘50s. Stars and starlets in Hollywood decorated their hands with donated natural nails which had very short durability. Ingenious make-up artists were trying to reinforce the nails with glues and fleece and this way the technique of glued or textile nails was born. In the ‘70s, nail styling by gluing technique (silk, porcelain) or acryl modeling was started in the USA. At that time, the first studios concentrating on nail modeling were created.

Novelty in nail modeling – Gel technique

But since 1984, utilization of light-hardened gels has been used more often in Europe - instead of the acryl method and fibre glass.

How does the gel technique work?

This method uses a substance - gel for nail modeling which hardens after application of light in an illuminating unit. This is the most delicate adhesion which does not damage the natural nails. The gel is applied on an artificial tip which is modeled into the required shape. The gel is applied in one or more layers, according to the quality of the natural nail and according to the shape and length of the tip. At the present time there is a wide selection of materials for the gel technique of hardening by light in various qualities.

Gels with the SQ trademark are produced in dental laboratories and ensure 100% quality and health safety.

Professional treatment in a studio

Gel nail modeling

As nail modeling requires certain skills, you will not manage by yourself at home. If you are interested, you need to visit a professional nail studio.

If you cannot visit a nail studio for any reason, there is a solution for home care using the set of Soft touche Over coat natural nails, by which you can stretch natural nails or extend them using tips. The set contains gel, activator and remover.

However, this home care requires certain skills.

How long does the nail modeling last?

Nail modeling lasts for about 1–1.5 hours, according to the quality and shape of the natural nails, therefore it is necessary that you reserve enough time for the whole procedure. If you have not worn artificial nails before, it is recommended that you make an order in advance and arrange the term of the procedure, preferably in person, or by phone.

When is the most suitable time to plan the procedure?

If you want the nails only for a certain occasion (wedding, ball, etc.), it is necessary that you come to the studio in advance. The reason is simple: If you have not worn artificial nails before and if you have never had long natural nails, it is important to learn how to manage with them. Otherwise trivial and simple tasks can become difficult with your new artificial nails and they can make the long-awaited occasion unpleasant.

What to do when a nail breaks?

Modeled nails should last till the next supplementation in the studio in about 3–4 weeks. Sometimes a nail may break. This is not because the designer modeled the nails in a wrong way. Breaking a nail is often caused by wrong and improper manipulation with nails or if nails are too long. If a nail breaks, the best thing is to visit the studio and have the nail modeled again. If you cannot come to the studio, it is recommended that remains of gel from the nail are removed and you must wait till the next procedure when the designer replaces the nail.

How to care for artificial nails at home?

Artificial nails are applied mainly because they do not require so much care at home and stay neat for a long time. So you can enamel your nails and remove the enamel (using acetone-free enamel remover), or decorate them. If you want to manicure your nails at home, you must buy a suitable file for artificial nails (e.g. Orange, White Medium and Black Medium/Coarse). You can shorten your nails with the file without any problem or to treat the transitions between the artificial and the natural nails. During the procedure it is important to make sure that you do not file the natural nail because you could damage and destroy it. Finally it is important to apply transparent enamel on the nails, or to style them using the color enamel.

French nail modeling

In nail modeling it is possible to apply permanent French manicure on the artificial nails that will stay on the nails even after enamel removal. The nails modeled in this way can be also decorated with colour enamels according to your own taste. Permanent French manicure is suitable especially for those customers who want to have permanently neat hands and nails and do not want to or cannot decorate nails with colour enamels.

Nail supplementation

Nails need to be supplemented in 3–4 weeks after modeling because the gel which is applied to nails grows away. After supplementation, nails are usually shortened and returned to the required shape. Afterwards, gel is applied again. In case you have broken your nail, it is repaired or replaced during the supplementation. The supplementation lasts for about 1 hour, in dependence on the number of new or replaced nails. After supplementation, nails are styled in a usual way.

Nail treatment between supplementation

If you want to treat your nails before they need to be supplemented, you can leave the treatment to a professional. This requires filing, treatment of grown parts and their smoothing so that the transition between the natural nail and the applied gel is not visible. Also the shape and length can be further modified, and then the nails should be enameled as usual at your wish.

Other procedures suitable also for artificial nails

In case of artificial nails it is suitable to carry out some other procedures that usually cannot be carried out together with their supplementation because this could impair their duration.

Nail whitening

Because natural nails do not grow together with the artificial ones, after some time the natural nails grow under the artificial ones. Natural nails tend to turn yellow and stain which does not look good in the contrast with the artificial nails. If you keep the artificial nails clean using a brush every day and the disinfection preparation Antiseptic for Nails, they will stay nicely white. In case they are not fully white, they can be whitened using special preparations: Clean up – whitening lotion

Nail cleaning with a trimmer

Nails are cleaned from below using the trimmer, eventual glue remains are removed. Nails are also whitened.

Manicure, cuticle treatment

Manicure cannot be carried out before modeling because Cuticle Remover is used for pushing back the cuticle, and for this reason the freshly modeled or supplemented nails may not hold on properly. Therefore it is important to manicure artificial nails between supplementation.

Paraffin pack

It is suitable to add paraffin pack to the manicure between supplementation. Hands and nails will be completely treated and receive everything you can give them.

Nail removal

If you decide you do not want to have the artificial nails any longer, it is important to remove them gently and carefully. While doing so by yourself, you could damage your nails, therefore the best way is to trust professionals. They will remove gel from nails and treat your natural nails so that they look neat and receive necessary nutrition. If you want to remove the acryl nails, the tip and acryl remover DIP IN is suitable.

We will also advise you on how to treat them at home.

Home care for artificial nails

If you treat your artificial nails properly, you will be rewarded by their durability. If you lack the skills for home care, it is often enough to enamel them as necessary. If you choose suitable colour enamel in the studio, it will often stay on for the whole time between supplementation. If you insist on treating the nails by yourselves, you will benefit from the following products:

1. Nail file

A file for artificial nails should be rougher in order to file the nails properly. For minor modifications of shape and transitions, the following files are recommended:

White Medium file

White, washable file with long duration.

Black Medium/Coarse file

Black, washable file with two sides of different roughness.


White sponge for smoothing transitions and grown away parts.

2. Nail glue

It is suitable particularly for small accidents that can be repaired at home. The following are suitable for home use:

Customer glue 2g, 5g or 10g

Small practical nail glue with a 5g brush.

3. Nail base coat

For enameling artificial nails, any base coats used for natural nails are suitable. The following base coat is especially practical:

Rillenfuller – smoother of lines and unevenness

This base coat slightly smoothes some unevenness caused by grown away gel. It is available in soft pink and white colour.

Base Coat

Colourless base coat protecting nails against staining by pigments contained in colour enamels and at the same time creating base coat for perfect adhesion of colour enamel and its long duration.

4. Top Coat

Again it is possible to use any top coat; the emphasis is put on their fast drying. Top Coat by SQ academy is top coat with high shine and reliable protection.

5. Enamel removers and correction stick

In choosing the enamel remover it is important to make sure that it is acetone-free, otherwise it could impair the top layer and shine of the artificial nails.

During enameling you will appreciate the correction stick. If colour enamel gets to the nail cuticle, you can remove it easily using the correction stick.

Pricelist of the offered services

Complete modelage of nailsfrom 870,00 Kč
Filling of nailsfrom 520,00 Kč
Removing of the acrylic or gel350,00 Kč
all nails

Nail polishing

Polishing - base coat30,00 Kč
Polishing - colour coat (2 coats)60,00 Kč
Polishing - top coat30,00 Kč
Polishing - top coat Thermo Bond40,00 Kč
Polishing - NCS Hardener40,00 Kč
French manicure - polishing110,00 Kč
Removing of nail polishfrom 25,00 Kč


Strass, metal bean, metal pearl20,00 Kč
Gold plated motive or ringfrom 115,00 Kč
Nail tatoofrom 40,00 Kč
Decorating with nail polishing25,00 Kč

Reconstruction (modelage, filling) of 1 nail is 1/10 of the price or work.